Fleet Preventative Maintenance Services

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Service

Unsure what your service intervals are for the vehicles in your fleet? A&A Auto Repair specializes in providing easy to use vehicle documentation for your fleet cars ensuring you don’t miss important service events and suffer costly fleet downtime. Their team is dedicated to working with you to ensure smooth management of your fleet. They can provide vehicle pick up and drop off services throughout the area and offer great fleet discounts. Call their office now at 925-933-7670 to learn more about their affordable fleet maintenance programs.

A&A Auto Repair offers affordable fleet maintenance services for all types of auto and light truck vehicle fleets. Their team of ASE Certified mechanics provide expert auto repair and service for all vehicles. They can manage your entire fleet maintenance program providing you with complete documentation and reminders for each vehicle within your fleet notifying you of recommended maintenance events. They can also provide CA State vehicle inspections and to ensure your fleet is well maintained and CA state law compliant. They offer fleet services for all types of vehicle fleets including:

  • Car Fleets
  • Limousine Fleets
  • Shuttle Bus Fleets
  • Transport Van Fleets
  • Public Utility Fleets
  • Maintenance & Service Fleets
  • Construction Utility Fleets
  • Light Truck & SUV Fleets
  • Taxi Cab Fleets

Expert Vehicle Fleet Service & Maintenance

Fleet vehicles take a lot more wear and tear than normal vehicles, so it’s important to keep on top of issues that might otherwise get ignored. Seeing your check engine light come on for one of your fleet vehicles? Bring it in early to make sure the problem doesn’t become serious. It’s also important to keep oil changes regular with fleet vehicles. A&A Auto Repair offers a full range of fleet services for vehicle maintenance and repairs to keep your fleet running smoothly every day.

A&A Auto Repair understands the need and urgency to keep fleet vehicles on the road and operating safely. They provide a 28-point inspection so you will have all the information on the current condition of each vehicle and the recommend repair and service intervals. Whether you have a single vehicle or large vehicle fleet, they can assist you in maintaining your fleet and assuring fleet reliability. Their Fleet Maintenance Program provides you electronic review for all repair invoices by vehicle, fleet or tag numbers. From passenger cars, vans to light trucks you can trust A& A Auto Repair to keep your repair cost down and your fleet on the road. Call their office now at 925-933-7670 to learn more about their affordable fleet maintenance programs.

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